Frequently Asked Questions: Meet Results

  1. Why are the results of the meet in which I'm interested not posted?
    Meet results are provided by the host team for posting on the league web site, as the mechanism for sharing of meet results among SAL coaches as well as for the benefit of swimmers in tracking their progress during the season.  League procedure calls for teams to provide the results of meets they host to the league webmaster by the Tuesday following the meet.  They are then posted by the Wednesday following the meet.

  2. What does the code "DQ" mean?
    A violation of the USA Swimming Rules occurred, and the swimmer was disqualified

  3. There is an "X" next to the time, and no team points were assigned.  What does that mean?
    An "X" indicates that the swim was exhibition, and therefore did not qualify to be awarded team points.  There are generally two reasons for a swimmer being designated as exhibition.  First, any swimmer in a heat other than the first heat of a SAL dual or tri-meet is exhibition.  Second, coaches sometimes designate their swimmers as exhibition toward the end of the meet, if their team is winning by a wide margin.  Swimming exhibition means that no team points can be earned, but it has no effect on the certification of the swimmers' time for league championship qualification purposes.

  4. Swimmer A's time was faster than Swimmer B, yet Swimmer B got team points.  How can that happen?
    Swimmer A was probably swimming Exhibition (see #3 above).  If Swimmer A was not in the first (official) heat of the event, then her/his swim was exhibition - there may or may not be an "X" indicating this.  In a Relay event, the same team cannot "sweep" the event (win 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place).  Thus, if the same team fields the three fastest relay squads, the 3rd place relay team will not earn team points.

  5. What does the code "J" mean? 
    There was a "Judge's decision" made in determining the order of finish.  If there is disagreement among the electronic timing system, backup timing, and Finish judges, a procedure is used to determine the official order of finish and assignment of team points.

  6. What about the code "*"?
    This means that there was a tie.  If team points are involved, the points for the relevant places are split between the two swimmers - e.g., a tie for 2nd place in an individual event results in [4(2nd place)+3 (3rd place)] / 2 = 3.5 points for each of the two swimmers.

  7. What is the column labeled "Seed"
    This column appears on only some of the Results Reports.  Generally, it shows the swimmer's previous fastest time during the current season  A seed time of "NT" means that the swimmer has no previous time in that event during the current season.